RF Labeling technology has been a popular deterrent in the retail industry for many years. These RFID tags are applied to a wide range of products like health and beauty cosmetics, apparel, grocery items, general merchandise, and other high-value items.

RFID labels come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different products, what you may not know is that we offer advanced RFID solutions to meet the rising demands of innovation. Many consumer products are becoming smaller, which makes it difficult to apply secondary RFID Tags to products without obscuring important product information or brand labeling.

We can apply and conceal RF inlays directly inside the manufacturer’s product label or packaging film to accommodate a more seamless RFID Tag application on your products. These RFID smart labels are encoded based on your needs and are quickly becoming the preferred way to utilize anti-theft technology today.

Learn more about our RFID chip inlays and how we can integrate this technology into your labels or films contact us today!